JCH-Group, LLC

At JCH Group we are focus on providing advisory and numerous funding solutions that assist in achieve financial viability. Since JCH Group offers alterative finance sources, our unique approach is not solely concerned with financial statements.


Advisory Services, making the complex operating and making business decision as stress-free and transparent for entrepreneurs as possible. We understand that closely-held companies are reflections of their owner’s values and expertise, which is why we are committed to providing support that brings clarity and helps entrepreneurs excel at what they do best. 

Funding Solutions 

No upfront fees, performance fees expect for advisory service.

Innovative Funding Programs – (Detailed descriptions and applications for any of these programs are available upon request at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  1. UNSECURED SIGNATURE LOAN – Up to $450K+ for any business including startups and pre-revenue. Great terms. 4-to-7-year payback. No interest for 6-12 months!
  2. UNSECURED BUSINESS LOANS – Credit not a factor.
  3. SECURED, SINGLE DIGIT INTEREST – Revolving loans.
  4. 100% LTV COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FUNDING PROGRAMS – Perfect for developers.

Alternative Debt Financing

At JCH Group, we offer a variety of financing services and options for the entrepreneur.

Startup / Pre-Revenue Funding with No Equity Required

JCH Group believes that in today’s environment where new methods to finance business are being invented almost every day, using FinTech (Financial Technology), giving away equity in a pre-revenue startup business is no longer necessary.


The startup can be a pre-revenue company or a company with revenue but has not filed its second tax return.

         Program 1 - 4 – 7 Year unsecured loan up to $450K+with no interest the first 6 months.  

         Program 2 – From$250K up to $5 Million 

  • Total cost must include all startup costs including leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, and working capital. 
  • Must have 20% down of total cost, but can get 20% from program 1.  
  • 10-year payback term, 25-year payback if commercial real estate involved.
  • Requires minimum of 5 years direct industry experience

Innovative Commercial Real Estate Financing

Quick Small Real Estate Loans

Unsecured 4 – 7-year term loan up to $450K+ with no interest for 6 to 12 months – Perfect for flipping homes.

Bridge Loans: This is a commercial real estate loan for any property type that needs to be bought or refinanced very quick and is already stabilized or needs to become stabilized. This is a value-add situation. No renovations need to be done to this property.

Ground Up Construction: This is for a property that needs to be built ground up. Ground up construction involves starting a building project from an undeveloped parcel of land and working toward a finished building.

Permanent Financing: (for 1-4 unit and pure commercial properties): This is a loan for a property that is already fully renovated and leased up (meaning all units are rented out).

Rehab Renovations Loans: A commercial real estate loan on a property needing renovations. We       do these loans for 1-4 Unit investment properties and pure commercial properties (Ex. Strip Mall, Self-Storage facility, Multi Family Building 5+ units).